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iBodyFat is an application which calculates your body fat percentage and keeps a log of your results. Two different calculations are presented for each measurement made. The body fat percentage formulas used by iBodyFat are girth body fat calculations invented by the U.S. Navy, and professional body builder and writer Hugo Rivera.

For taking girth body fat measurements, no special equipment is needed; all that is required is a vinyl tape measure. Girth is not as accurate as skin fold techniques using body fat calipers, but there has been claim of +/- 3% accuracy. However there is chance it can be wrong because you can only tell so much by circumference.

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In order to run iBodyFat, your Mac computer must meet the following requirements:

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getting started ^

When you first launch iBodyFat, the application needs to know a little about you, so it will automatically run the Add Person window. Choose your gender, fill in the required details and click Done. You are now ready to add a measurement.

You may also cancel this window and click Add Person later, of add a person for any number of people for which you want to keep measurements of. Removing a person will also remove all measurements made for that person.

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When you have a person select in the Person list, the Add Measurement button will be enabled. Click on it and get your tape measure ready. You must measure your body parts mentioned on the Add Measurement window and record the numbers in the required fields. Females will have to measure more parts than males, due to males having less factors in girth body fat measurement.

You may add measurements whenever but, there is little point of doing it more than once per month, unless you have a specific reason to require such tight monitoring. You may not modify a measurement. To remove a measurement, select it and click the Remove Measurement button.

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Before emailing in about help on any of the products, please lookup the built-in help in the application or from above. They should answer any questions you have about using the application or how it works. If you need further support, contact the following address and provide information about your Mac's hardware and software configuration:


Allow up to 3-5 business days for a response.

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